International Welding &
Joining Conference - Korea2017

April 11 ~ 14, 2017 HICO, Gyeongju, Korea

Important Dates

  • Final Extended Abstracts Submission Due : January 25, 2017
  • Notification of Acceptance : February 10, 2017
  • Early Registration Due : March 15, 2017

Scope of the Conference

Abstracts containing original works in all aspects for welding & joining are solicited. Topics include, but are not limited to, the followings;

Scope1. Smart Welding Processes Convergence of information and communication technology, virtual reality, augmented reality and welding
Optimization of welding process using fuzzy logic, artificial neural network, genetic algorithm and other artificial intelligence method
Creative and novel Technologies in Welding and Joining
Scope2. Metallurgy/Weldability/Filler Metals Microstructure and metallurgical behaviors in welds for further understanding of the weldability and mechanical properties of materials
Quantitative structure-property relationships linking material microstructure with mechanical behavior, etc.
Scope3. Residual Stress/Distortion/Modeling Experimental, numerical, and theoretical works leading to control thermal deformation and to improve reliability of welded structures
Recent developments and innovative ideas on measuring, controlling, analyzing, modeling and simulating residual stress and distortion in welded structures
Scope4. Welding Strength/Integrity Measurement of mechanical properties and structural integrity assessment for further understanding of the mechanics of deformation and fracture in welded structures
Experimental and theoretical studies focused on the fracture toughness, fatigue crack growth behavior and allowable flaw sizes for welded structures
Scope5. Additive Manufacturing/Surface Modification Surface and interface engineering to modify and improve the surface properties of materials for protection in demanding contact conditions or aggressive environments, or for enhanced functional performance
Scope6. Laser/Electron Beam Welding Optics and laser technology encompassing in several areas such as development in all different types of lasers, development in optoelectronic devices and photonics and development in optical instruments and components
The fundamentals of the laser welding process and its physics such as beam propagation, keyhole formation and melt pool dynamics, etc.
Scope7. Friction Stir Welding Fundamentals and the current status of friction stir welding (FSW), solid-state friction stir processing of materials, metallurgical behavior and examination associated with FSW process
Experimental, numerical, and theoretical studies focused on the mechanical properties, dissimilar materials joining and industrial applications, etc.
Scope8. Electrical Resistance Welding Equipment and power supplies, control and monitoring, electrodes and tooling in addition to material challenges and innovations
The fundamentals and recent developments of spot welding process and its physics for further understanding of the mechanical behavior in weldments and industrial applications, etc.
Scope9. Sensing/Monitoring/Automation Experimental, computational, and theoretical work in the welding automation and advances in sensor technology, etc.
Advanced sensing, measurement, and process control in manufacturing
Scope10. Advanced Package Materials/Interconnection The design, fabrication, assembly, and testing of advanced packaging materials including complex interactions between multiple physical phenomena driven by temperature, moisture, electromagnetics, optics and mechanical stress.
Scope11. Sintering/TLP/Diffusion/Soldering/Brazing The fundamentals and recent developments of soldering/brazing, filler metal and the mechanical behaviors for soldering/brazing
Fundamental aspects of sintering, diffusion of alloying elements, chemical interactions and microstructural evolution in sintering processes
Scope12. Nano/Micro Joining in Smart Wearable Device Theoretical, computational and experimental contributions highlighting small scale mechanics and materials in welding
The fabrication of micro/nano devices and material issues in thin film, coating and adhesives, etc.
Scope13. Pressure Vessels/Boilers/Pipelines The design, analysis, materials, fabrication, construction, inspection and operation of pressure vessels, piping, pipelines, power and heating boilers
Predict service life under harsh and changing environmental conditions at different loading situations
Scope14. Inspection/Evaluation/Qualification Theoretical, computational and experimental work in the repair and maintenance technologies for welded structures
Nondestructive evaluation, testing methods and design guidelines for welded structures
Special Session Advanced Welding and Joining in Car Body The special session "Advanced Welding and Joining in Car Body” is aimed to addressing recent technological approaches of welding and joining presented by automotive industries, technology suppliers and international research institutions. The global network of engineers and researchers to exchange their experiences and introduce advanced technology can be possible. All of the presentations will be composed as invited talk.
Special Session IIW Special Session The special session is aimed to addressing the state-of-the-art welding residual stress analysis technology. This section is joined with IIW C-X Working Group and IIW C-XV Sub-A.