International Welding &
Joining Conference - Korea2017

April 11 ~ 14, 2017 HICO, Gyeongju, Korea

Important Dates

  • Final Extended Abstracts Submission Due : January 25, 2017
  • Notification of Acceptance : February 10, 2017
  • Early Registration Due : March 15, 2017

Technical Tour

The best way to learn and see the welding and joining industries in Korea is to visit different well-known industries to experience and feel the atmosphere.

IWJC-Korea 2017 Technical Tour for two days in different top industries will provide an industry insider's perspective on for different experts from diverse areas of fields and different countries to see new, cutting-edging technologies.

Also, enjoy a wide choice of inspirational and distinctive aspects by visiting industries with long historical and cultural background in Korea.

Discover Korean industries and enhance your IWJC-Korea experience through our Technical Tour!

· Dates : Wednesday, April 12 and Thursday, April 13 / 13:00 ~ 19:00
· Program : Hyundai Heavy Industries + Hyundai Motors (one day)
POSCO (one day)
· Eligible participants : IWJC-Korea 2017 Participants
· Number Tour participants will be first come, first served basis.
· IF, Tour participants do not exceed 10 people then the tour will be cancelled.
· Tour fee : Free
· Application Deadline : Email by March 31, 2017 to

Hyundai Motors Ulsan Plant (Website)


As Hyundai Motor’s main production facility, the Ulsan Plant is comprised of five independent plant facilities on a land spanning 5,000,000 square meters. The plant is the world’s largest single automobile plant and employs over 34,000 personnel to produce an average of 5,600 vehicles a day. The plant has its own port, where up to three 50,000-ton vessels can anchor simultaneously. It has its own fire station, hospital, and patrol cars, all within the compound.

Hyundai Motors Ulsan Plant is nestled among 580,000 trees and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to preserve the environment, such as a waste water disposal plant. The plant tour offers a great opportunity for visitors to experience the manufacturing process of Hyundai Motors, which is emerging as a global car brand. Tour reservations can be made at the company website for groups of over 30 people.


Approx. 60 min

Tour Course Information

Culture Hall (promotion hall) – No. 1 Factory – No. 2 Factory – No. 3 Factory – No. 4 Factory – No. 5 Factory - Engine / Gearbox Factory / Driving testing site – Asan-ro – Export dock

Activity Information

Hyundai Motors Ulsan Plant Briefing → Tour
- Group tour: Only available by bus.

Ulsan Hyundai Heavy Industries (Website)


Hyundai Heavy Industries (현대중공업) started its shipbuilding industry in 1972 and developed into one of the greatest shipbuilding companies in the world. With its growing technology, Hyundai Heavy Industries contributes in national economic growth and has become as one of world’s greatest complex corporations by advancing in numerous industries such as marine, plant, machine, electrical machinery and appliance, and construction equipment business.


40 minutes

POSCO (Website)


Pohang steel mill was created in the early 1980s at Yeongilman Bay with a view of breaking away from the agriculture-centered industry of the 1960s and launching the area into the heavy chemical industry. The construction of the steel mill lasted from 1970 to 1981. At the POSCO History Center, visitors can learn how the steel mill operates and how POSCO emerged as one of the most competitive companies in the world within just three decades. The bus tour of the steel mill has become a popular tour course for business travelers.


90-100 min

Tour Course Information

Gate 2 → Jungang Road → Raw material storage room → Raw material yard → Power plant → Steelmaking factory → Continuous casting factory → Product storage → Steel rolling factory (on-site factory tour) → Gate 2